IFFOR Announces Office of Ombudsman

IFFOR is delighted to announce it has chosen Business Excellence Solutions (http://bizexteam.com) to establish and manage its Office of Ombudsman.

Business Excellence Solutions brings years of business experience and expertise in design, implementation, and operation of both organizational and classical executive ombudsman programs. Among other services, they provide mediation and facilitation services, customized design of conflict management systems, policy review and design, and specialized, high-tech and intellectual property conflict resolution services.

Business Excellence Solutions was chosen after an extensive international search. The company’s experience with working at an international level was an important consideration in the final decision. In addition to the Ombuds service, the company will also conduct regular audits of the compliance systems run by dot-xxx registry owner ICM Registry, which will also be sent to ICANN.

IFFOR Chairman Clyde Beattie said of the decision: “I am very pleased to have filled this crucial role within IFFOR. I am confident that Business Excellence Solutions will serve not just IFFOR but also the broader Internet community well.”

When the selection of Business Excellence Solutions was announced, Bruce MacAllister, its Senior Principal and Managing Director said “My colleagues and I are excited to have the opportunity to apply our experience in ombuds systems design to this important initiative and we look forward to helping IFFOR provide a world class level of service to ICM Registry and its user community.”

About the Ombuds service

The Office of Ombudsman receives and responds to complaints and concerns about IFFOR policies and the policy development process. There are some things that the IFFOR Office of Ombudsman is not chartered to handle, including: changing or setting aside existing policies or decisions; personnel issues, Board membership, or vendor or supplier relationships. For more information on the scope of the IFFOR Office of the Ombudsman, see the Ombudsman Charter and the IFFOR Ombudsman webpage at: http://www.iffor.org/ombudsman

IFFOR has adopted a number of "Baseline Policies". These policies are designed to combat child abuse images, facilitate user choice and parental control regarding access to online adult entertainment, and protect the privacy, security, and consumer rights of consenting adult consumers of online adult entertainment goods and services. 

If you wish to contact the Office of Ombudsman, please select “Ombudsman” from our Contact page. All communication will go directly to the Office of Ombudsman and will be treated confidentially consistent with ombuds standards of practice and to the maximum extent permitted by law.

The International Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR) is a not-for-profit organization based in Washington DC responsible for formulating the policies of the dot-xxx registry.