May 17, 2012 Board Discussion Topics

  • Chairman's Report
  • Board Contracts
  • Policy Council
  • Executive Director's Report
  • Financial/Budget: 2012 Expense Forecast
  • Grants Committee
  • Content Labeling
  • Upcoming IFFOR Board Meeting


May 17, 2012 Board Resolutions


Consent of the Board of Directors

May 17, 2012

General Authorizations

RESOLVED, the Board will continue to explore opportunities to position IFFOR as a global resource for Internet best practices and to explore generating additional support for that positioning.

RESOLVED, the Board will strive to ensure continuity and will structure its Board contracts accordingly to allow for at least one year in between contract term expirations.

RESOLVED, in the event of a tie on any vote by the Board, then in such circumstance, the casting vote will first go to the Chair, and if the Chair is no longer a Director, then to the Vice Chair.

RESOLVED, the Board accepts and approves of the IFFOR 2012 Operating Budget.

RESOLVED, that this written consent may be executed and delivered by facsimile or other electronic means and in any number of counterparts, each of which will for all purposes be deemed an original, and all such counterparts together will constitute one and the same document.