The International Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing online content policies with a focus on child safety.

We took the opportunity of the 2020/2021 pandemic to revisit and revise our AtFirstSite program (published in 2016, revised in 2019) based on feedback from teachers and students as well as an in-depth review by the PSHE Association.

We are now on the third version of the course which aims to provide 11-14 year-olds with the tools to understand and make sense of the sexual content they see online.

The course covers a broader range of related topics from understanding body image, to recognising healthy and unhealthy relationships, to making sense of pornography, to helping students take control of their own lives online.

The revised version:

  • Pulls the eight-part course into two digital downloads; an interactive PDF and a Powerpoint file
  • Contains updated references and resources for both students and teachers
  • Contains a wide range of improvements based on real-world feedback
  • Includes guides to help schools create a safe teaching space and consult parents
  • Has a new, cleaner, crisper design

The application is short and simple and will ask for details about your school and how you plan to use the course.

Anyone interested in applying for a grant in future should review our grant criteria as well as our process page. If you have any questions, please don’t hesistate to contact us.