If you have complaints or concerns about IFFOR policies or our policy process, the Office of Ombudsman is an independent and objective service that can assist you directly.

Policies and Complaints

The Office of Ombudsman receives and responds to complaints or concerns about IFFOR policies and the policy development process. IFFOR has adopted a number of “Baseline Policies“. These policies are designed to combat child abuse images, facilitate user choice and parental control regarding access to online content, and protect the privacy, security, and consumer rights of its Sponsored Community, Top Level Domain Registries (“Registries”) and other Internet users, domain registrants and publishers (“Stakeholders”).

Office of the Ombudsman Services

The Office of Ombudsman’s main function is to facilitate the resolution of complaints or concerns relating to the creation of IFFOR’s policies or the impact of an existing IFFOR policy. While the scope of the Office of Ombudsman enables the Office to accept concerns relating to IFFOR policies, the IFFOR Office of Ombudsman does not have authority to directly change or set aside existing policies or decisions; or to implement solutions to personnel issues, Board membership, or vendor or supplier relationships.

The Office of Ombudsman may decline to continue with resolution efforts if the issue raised is frivolous, abusive, or out of its scope of authority. Please see the Ombudsman Charter for more information.

Contacting the Office of the Ombudsman

If you wish to contact the Office of Ombudsman, please select “Ombudsman” from our Contact page. All communication will go directly to the Office of Ombudsman and will be treated confidentially by the Ombudsman.

We encourage you to contact the Office of Ombudsman to seek advice on how to approach an issue or concern related to an IFFOR policy or the IFFOR policy development process.

Before contacting the Office of Ombudsman, please consider whether your issue is related to IFFOR as a policy-making body, or, instead if it is related to its Registries or Stakeholders, or a particular domain name.   If your issue is related to Registries, Stakeholders or a particular domain name, your issue may be more expeditiously resolved if you contact the Registry, Stakeholder or party directly.

At all times, you may also choose to contact IFFOR directly to resolve an issue. To do so, please feel free to use our contact options on the Contact page.

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