November 5, 2011 Board Topics

  • Review of IFFOR Policy Council Meeting and Policy Council Protocols
  • Executive Director Report
  • IFFOR Community Outreach & Messaging
  • ICM Report
  • ICM-IFFOR Sponsoring Organization Agreement
  • IFFOR Board Closed Session
  • 121 Strategies Report
  • IFFOR Operations
  • Financial and Regulatory Reporting
  • IFFOR Conflicts of Interest Policy
  • IFFOR Grants Committee
  • Financial Planning
  • Board Meeting Schedule


November 5, 2011 Board Resolutions


Consent of the Board of Directors

November 5, 2011


General Authorizations


Resolved, the Board adopts the revised Sponsoring Organization Agreement attached hereto as Schedule A, including the revisions to the IFFOR Baseline Policies (Appendix B) but excluding the Compliance Reporting System (Appendix C) and the Ombudsman Charter (Appendix E) because both Appendix C and Appendix E still require further discussion.

Resolved, the Board adopts the Manager of Public Participation’s Consulting Services Agreement.

Resolved, the Board adopts the Policy Council’s internal protocols regarding Stakeholder Group meetings and how those meetings are to be conducted.

Resolved, the TLD will be the flagship IFFOR website.

Resolved, the Board will designate the budget to be used by the Grants Committee.

Resolved, the Grants Committee shall consist of members of the Policy Council who volunteer to serve on the Grants Committee and who agree to adhere to the IFFOR Conflict of Interest Policy. The Grants Committee shall also consist of the Board Chair and may consist of the Vice Chair.

Resolved, the IFFOR Conflict of Interest Policy shall be executed by all Board members and any Policy Council member who wishes to serve on the Grants Committee. The Conflict of Interest Policy does not have to be executed by each Policy Council member, unless they also serve on the Grants Committee. In the event someone who has signed the Conflict of Interest Policy has a perceived conflict, as defined in the Conflicts of Interest Policy, they will recuse themself from voting on the issue at hand (and will not abstain); this ensures that a quorum can be met.  If the Board has a tie, as a result of someone recusing himself or herself from a vote, the decision of the Chair will be the tiebreaker.

Resolved, the Board authorizes the banking and contract signatory protocols decided for both the Operating Account and the Treasury Account. 

Resolved, the Board adopts the Financial and Regulatory Reporting requirements wherein the Executive Director provides a certification to the Board at each meeting that IFFOR is in compliance with all of its tax-related and regulatory-related matters.

Resolved, the Board will create the 2012 Budget at the upcoming Jan. 5, 2012 Board meeting.