Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a grant, you need meet the following criteria:

  • Complete an online application in the English language
  • Be a school or educational establishment that serves children aged 11-14, or equivalent
  • Provide feedback

Other factors

  • If you are interested in receiving the free one-day professional facilitation, you will need to be based in the UK
  • We will award the facilitation days to applicants that express an interest and who refer the most applicants to the grant program. We will provide all applicants with a referral link to provide to others.
  • Schools in Europe and the United States are free to apply to receive a copy of the course-in-a-box
  • We currently plan to offer 25 boxes and five facilitator sessions. If we receive more applications that resources, successful applicants will be decided on the basis of the type of establishment, class size and willingness to share feedback
  • If we receive significantly more applications that resources, we will undertake an effort to expand the number of both boxes and sessions covered by the program, including discounted costs

All grants are awarded at IFFOR’s sole discretion; there is no entitlement to receiving a grant.