Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a grant, you need meet the following criteria:

  • Complete anĀ online application in the English language
  • Be a recognised school or educational establishment that serves children aged 11-14, or equivalent
  • Be willing to provide feedback on the course

Other details

  • Schools in the UK, Europe and the United States are invited to apply
  • Successful grant applicants will be sent a link that enables them to download the two digital files (an interactive PDF and Powerpoint file) once they have registered with the AtFirstSite website
  • We will follow up with applicants a few months after they have downloaded the course with the expectation that grants recipients will be willing to provide feedback – we use such feedback to improve and update the course
  • If we receive a significant number of applications, we will award grants to those schools that our Grants Committee feels are most in need or deserving of assistance. We may contact the named applicant if we have questions about their application
  • All grants are awarded at IFFOR’s sole discretion; there is no entitlement to receiving a grant.