IFFOR Announces Sponsored Community Policy Council Members

The International Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR), the non-profit organization tasked with policy making for the new .XXX Top Level Domain (TLD), is pleased to announce the Sponsored Community founding members of its Policy Council.

These highly respected members represent global leaders in the adult entertainment industry. European members are: (1) Jerry Barnett, Managing Director of Strictly Broadband Ltd., the UK's leading adult VoD provider, and also the chairman of the UK's Adult Industry Trade Association. He is an entrepreneur from a computing technology background. (2) Florian Sitta is Head of the legal department of Beate Uhse AG, Germany. He is responsible for intellectual property, licensing, internet and communications, corporate governance and compliance as well as being in charge as Commissioner for the Protection of Youth.

Representing Australia and Asia is Trieu Hoang, in-house legal counsel and business development for AbbyWinters.com. He brings the experience of working with the political climate toward the industry in Australia. Trieu is originally from Vietnam, so he also brings the much needed Asian perspective.

United States members are (1) Chad Belville, a lawyer who is well known to the internet adult industry. He has been on panels at many of the industry conferences and is a member of the First Amendment Lawyers Association (FALA) and (2) Andy Kayton, also a FALA member and general counsel for WebPower, Inc. WebPower, whose holdings include the iFriends adult webcam network and the ClickCash affiliate program, is one of the oldest and largest U.S. adult internet service providers.

These industry leaders will join those previously announced who represent Privacy and Security (Professor Fred Cate), Child Protection (Sharon Girling OBE), Free Expression (Professor Nadine Strossen), and the ICM Registry representative (Bob Corn-Revere, Esq) – https://iffor.org/news/IFFOR_22_June_2011.pdf .

Stuart Lawley, CEO of ICM Registry and Chairman of IFFOR commented, “IFFOR is honored that these international leaders have committed their expertise to help develop polices for .XXX domains. This is the first time that adult and non-adult representatives will work together to define multi-faceted policies to help protect children and consumers, and the adult entertainment industry.”

The Policy Council is responsible for initiating a series of policies for responsible business practices and conduct within the .XXX online adult-entertainment community using the IFFOR Baseline Policies (https://iffor.org/docs/appendix-b-baseline-policies-26jul10-en.pdf ). This includes making adult content less accessible to children online and protecting the privacy and security of consenting adult consumers of online adult-entertainment goods and services.
“I look forward to helping shape policies that will promote free expression, protect children from exploitation and assist parents in controlling the content that enters their homes” said Mr. Belville.

Mr. Hoang stated “I'm on the Policy Council to represent the interests of the industry. As a member of the Policy Council, I will try to influence and explain whether a policy is feasible and pragmatic to implement. Of utmost importance is that any policy must be to the industry benefit.”

"I believe a well-funded body like IFFOR can supplement and strengthen the efforts of other bodies around the world that promote the industry or campaign for freedom of speech. As well as being the most technology-oriented council member, I will strive to represent the needs of the UK and wider adult industry, and continue my work to defend sexual freedom and freedom of speech" said Mr. Barnett.

Joan Irvine, executive director IFFOR said, “I spent the last nine years working with the adult entertainment industry in my previous role to develop Best Practices as it relates to child protection including implementing labeling technologies. This knowledge along with the expertise of IFFOR Policy Council members will facilitate the development of reasonable business practices.”

IFFOR is a non-profit entity that will serve as the policy-making body for the .XXX extension. It is independent from ICM Registry and has its own board of directors and Policy Council representing all stakeholders, including child safety representatives, members of the free speech community and adult entertainment industry leaders. IFFOR will engage in various programs and activities, including but not limited to: (1) Promoting public awareness of technologies, programs, organizations and methods available to protect children online; (2) Enhancing development and proliferation of systems for labeling and identifying material online; (3) Supporting free expression to allow Internet users the right to choose the online material they desire; and (4) Contributing to various organizations that support Internet safety.



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