IFFOR Funds Research into Age Verification Best Practices

The International Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR) is pleased to provide a grant of $5,000 to Innovate Identity, an independent consultancy providing advisory services on how to bring trust and safety to the global online community through age verification innovation and technology.

Innovate Identity will write a white paper to promote and enable solution-led thinking and education around age verification within the Internet infrastructure industry.

The paper will address current challenges faced by industries in the area of age verification and will cover processes used in various geographical markets and industry sectors (for example Germany and the UK).  Many industries have faced the same issues of how to verify the identity and age of consumers of digital services, safely, responsibly and securely without reducing the customer experience or vastly increasing their cost of customer acquisition. The project aims to explain how these industries have addressed those same issues and the long terms benefits from both an industry reputation and profitability.

The white paper will provide practical advice on the challenges and possible solutions across global geographical markets. By addressing these challenges, the paper will enable companies to fully understand how to improve the long-term profitability of their industry as well as protect children and other Internet users. It will review how these principles of best practice can enable communication across these industries, and support self-regulation.

The project will be led by Innovate Identity co-founders Emma Lindley and Ian Green. Ms. Lindley is a leading expert in electronic identity verification. She worked for seven years at GB Group PLC a global identity verification company and has worked with regulators across the world to build best practice for identity and age verification.

Mr. Green has significant experience in developing rich data businesses within the global B2B and B2C e-commerce market and developed Europe’s leading age verification and identity business, 192Business.com. He has extensive experience of advising companies on global technologies and solutions for age, and identity verification, KYC, anti-fraud and business verification.


About Innovate Identity

Innovate Identity is an independent consultancy providing advisory services focused on digital trust, data and technology innovation. With over a century of combined experience they work with regulated and non-regulated industries globally to help define best practice principles in identity and age assurance.



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