Sébastien Bachollet Presents at Eurasia Network Operators’ Group (ENOG)

Internet technology expert Sébastien Bachollet spoke on "Multi-Stakeholder Model Internet Governance" at the recent Eurasia Network Operators Group (ENOG). Mr. Bachollet is Vice-Chair of the IFFOR Board of Directors.

ENOG is the regional forum in which Internet experts concerned with the core operational issues of the Internet can share knowledge and expertise on issues unique to the Russian Federation, CIS and Eastern Europe. The goal of ENOG 3, which took place on May 22-23, was to enable operators from this region to share experiences and discuss common interests and ideas for improving local and global Internet communication.

During his presentation at ENOG 3, Mr. Bachollet discussed IFFOR and its policy development role in helping TLDs establish a global standard in combating child sexual abuse images, providing effective parental control, ensuring accurate domain registration information, and protecting the privacy, security, and consumer rights of all Internet users. 

A member of the Board of Directors of ICANN (holding the At-Large selected seat), Mr. Bachollet began his career working for French domestic airline Air Inter and for SNCF (the French national railway). He served as CEO of BBS Consulting for 7 years, and is now IT Consultant with Items International. Mr. Bachollet worked actively to set up and hold the European Global Event on domain names and address systems on the Internet (EGENI). In 2006 he launched EGENI Africa with ISOC Morocco. Mr. Bachollet has been a member of the Internet Society French Chapter since 2001, has served on its board since 2003, and was declared its Honorary President in 2009. He is an honorary member of other Internet Society chapters as well.

Mr. Bachollet has kindly made his ENOG 3 presentation available in PDF form.

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