IFFOR hires former ICANN Manager of Public Participation to head up outreach efforts

The International Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR) has hired former ICANN General Manager of Public Participation Kieren McCarthy to head up the organization’s public outreach efforts.

As IFFOR’s Manager for Public Participation, McCarthy will be tasked with informing stakeholders of policies under development for the .XXX top level domain as well as developing the tools through which Internet community members and IFFOR Policy Council members can reach consensus positions.

At ICANN, McCarthy won widespread recognition for his overhaul of the tools and systems used to involve others in its policy processes, covering everything from online public comment periods to physical meetings. He is also a strong advocate of the multi-stakeholder model used to decide policies in an increasing number of Internet organizations.

“We are delighted to have someone of Kieren’s skills and experience come onboard,” said IFFOR Executive Director Joan Irvine. “He has a strong track record of finding ways to involve people and making them feel a part of the process.”

Stuart Lawley, Chairman of IFFOR commented, “It’s great to see another high-caliber individual sign up to IFFOR’s mission. In the Policy Council, we have already managed to bring together international leaders from the adult industry, child protection, privacy and security and freedom of expression arenas, and now we have someone who is able to make the most of that talent.”

Of his new role, McCarthy said: “I look forward to the challenge. IFFOR will bring together a diverse group with strongly held views on a range of complex and far-reaching issues. The fun part will be finding those workable compromises that everyone can buy into.”

Joan Irvine
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