The International Foundation for Online Responsibility Seeking Candidates for Policy Council

The International Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR) is making a final call for qualified adult industry candidates for nomination to the Policy Council (PC). IFFOR is a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC that will serve as the policy setting body for ICM Registry and the .XXX domain ( ).


The IFFOR PC Nominating Committee will give careful consideration to the international scope of IFFOR’s charter. As a result, the composition of the PC will reflect the same international nature in its membership. There will be five representatives from various segments of the adult entertainment industry to join the four others who will represent Privacy and Security; Child Protection; Free Speech/Expression and ICM.

Serving on the Policy Council for IFFOR will provide a truly unique personal opportunity. Members will be part of a team of prominent and insightful leaders who will be singularly devoted to the fulfillment of the organization’s charter; and part of a global effort that seeks to shape the future of online adult entertainment in a responsible manner.

The deadline for applications is July 5 (application available at ). IFFOR will announce the Policy Council members in late August and the first meeting will be in the Fall. “I’ve helped develop policy for the online adult entertainment industry for nine years. Although the resulting Best Practices related mainly to online child protection, we always needed to consider many facets: the internet, available and emerging technologies, regulations in various countries, ability of companies to comply, etc. I’m looking forward to the opportunity of working with a diverse group of people and the challenge of developing policies in expanded areas.” stated Joan Irvine, executive director, IFFOR.

Stuart Lawley, Chairman of IFFOR Board of Directors stated “this is the first time that the representatives from both mainstream and the adult industry will work together in a meaningful way to develop policies for a safer adult entertainment experience on the Internet. We believe that this will result in enhanced surfer confidence and more business for companies with .XXX domains. It’s gratifying to see this vision become reality.”

About IFFOR (
IFFOR is a non-profit entity that will serve as the policy-making body for the .XXX extension. It isindependent from ICM Registry and will have its own board of directors and Policy Council representing all stakeholders, including child safety representatives, members of the free speech community and adult entertainment industry leaders. IFFOR will engage in various programs and activities, including but not limited to: (1) Promoting public awareness of technologies, programs, organizations and methods available to protect children online; (2) Enhancing development and proliferation of systems for labeling and identifying material;(3) Supporting free expression to allow Internet users? right to choose the online material they desire; and (4) Contributing to various organizations that support Internet safety.


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